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  • Town of Stow Recreation PLAYGROUNDS GUIDELINES FOR USE—Effective 6/8/2020.

    This Playground will open on June 8th.  All Park users should have a face covering with them at all times. Practice distancing by remaining 6 feet away from others, at all times. If 6’ of distancing cannot be maintained, face coverings should be used.  Parents, guardians, and other adults are responsible for monitoring children to ensure physical distancing. Adults and children who are feeling sick or are recovering are not allowed to use playground equipment. Adults and children should wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before and after visiting this playground. No gatherings of more than 10 people are allowed. If playground is crowded, new arrivals should leave and come back or visit another park. This is a carry-in/carry-out facility. Please take all trash with you.  Permits are not currently being issued for group gatherings.  NOTE: Playgrounds are NOT sanitized or cleaned on a regular basis. 

    The Town of Stow reserves the right to close facilities, retract opening dates, and remain in designated phases if local data warrants such or facility misuse is observed. Please abide by all rules and guidelines listed in this document, and recommended by the CDC and DPH.
  • Pine Bluff Recreational Area is open for residents and their guest only.  An attendant will be at the main gate collecting a $10 parking fee and checking for proof of residency from 10-6pm each day.  We will be limiting parking to 30 cars at any given time.  You may have to wait or be asked to leave if we reach are parking capacity. Parents will not be allowed to drop off car loads of kids.  Parents must stay if they want their children using the area.  The bathrooms will remained closed and we ask that people using the area carry in and carry out their trash or use the dumpster on site.  We do not have a Board of Health permit to operate the beach.  If you do go down on the  beach it is swim at your own risk and no lifeguards will be on duty at anytime.  Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

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Pompositticut Community Center
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Mission Statement: 
To provide a wide variety of year round programming, both indoors and outdoors, which are both social and recreational in nature for children, teens, adults and seniors as determined by the needs and desires of the community.  To provide cost efficient services within the reach of the overall community base while maintaining the highest level of participant satisfaction.  To provide safe and well maintained facilities for all to enjoy.